Thursday, 4 April 2013

Summer tips to keep you COOL!!

 7 Tips to keep you keep you cool this Summer!!


1. Favour foods that cool you down -Sweet, bitter, astringent foods are the ones to go for. Sweet, ripe fruits like avocados, cherries, plums, grapes, pineapples, peaches and mangoes are perfect. Cilantro and mint are excellent and a little cinnamon is fine. Asparagus, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, zucchini and green beans are all good.

2. Avoid foods that heat you upGo easy on the curries, chillis, hot peppers and salsas.  Also limit excessively salty foods – they will leave you dehydrated and aggravate your skin. Stay away from tomatoes, garlic, onion, beets and spinach when you can. Alcohol has a heating effect on the body as well.

3. Avoid ice cold drinks- “What – no ice in my drink?? Isn’t that the ultimate balancer for all the heat?” Actually, no. While we need to keep cool, it is even more important to keep your digestion strong. Your digestive system is like a fire that is responsible for converting food into energy. When the flames of your digestive fire are burning in a balanced way, you are able to assimilate all the good bits you need from your food whilst eliminating the not-so-good bits. However when you drink that iced-water with lunch, you are effectively putting out the flames of your digestive fire. So lay off the ice and go for room temperature. It will be assimilated into your body much faster and you will feel rehydrated more quickly. 

4.  Eat at the right time An important part of balancing Pitta and keeping cool is to eat your main meal in the middle of the day when your digestive fire is strongest. Skipping meals is also a sure way to upset Pitta – notice how cranky you feel when you miss lunch.

5. Exercise with a splashIf you are working out, do it at the time of the day when nature is most cool. Early morning is best. Second best is early evening. Going for a run in the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest is going to aggravate Pitta. Light exercise is recommended such as yoga, walking and best of all, swimming.
6. Make time to play- Balance the intensity of the heat with less intensity in your work. Build in time for play. When Pitta is out of balance we tend to be driven, demanding, impatient and we overdo it. That in turn creates more imbalance. So ease back and make some time for fun.

7. Turn down the temperature of the mindAs is the mind, so is the body. The most powerful way to settle down the mind is to build in some regular time for meditation each day. However there are many other ways to turn down the dial on that busy, frazzled mind. Listen to some beautiful music, take a walk in nature or practice some  conscious breathing to soothe your soul.