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Spine care through Ayurveda

Spine care through Ayurveda

Cause of spine problem: VATA

  •        Spine i.e. bones are the main site for vata (air element in our body). With some activity like lifting heavy things, sharply bending, sitting in uncomfortable chair, etc. causes aggravation of vata, which finally leads to spine problems.
  •        Sneezing, pushing things, lifting things, climbing etc. triggers the problem.
  • Ayurvedic back massage with herbal oil
  •        Other causes are osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, infectious condition of bone etc.

Why Ayurveda?
Ayurveda works on basic principals and natural healing therapies Ayurveda balances the three doshas, which are responsible to maintain physiology of body.  Ayurveda works on root cause of the conditions.

  1. Therapies: abhyanga, sweda, kati/manya basti, patra pind sweda, shastika shali pinda sewda. Kashaya basti, anuvasana basti, lepas
    Ayurvedic wooden massage table (patti)
  2. Internal medication: Guggulu kalpas, Rasa kalpas
  3. Yogasanas: bhujang asana, gomukh asana, dhanur asana, ushtr asana etc.
  4.  Lifestyle:
  •     Never bend forward to grab an object, instead lower whole body near the object by bending knees & come up with straight back.
  •     Don’t lift heavy object.
  •    Take support of wall while standing for long.
  •   Don’t wear high-heeled shoe, wear comfortable footwear.
  •   Sleep on a firm mattress in a comfortable position.
  •   Sit on a comfortable chair with back support.
  •   Don’t work on computer for long hours at a stretch.  

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