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Beat the heat through Ayurveda

Summer Season (Grishma Ritu):

Summer season is called Grishma Ritu.  In summer season, our bodies are at the weakest.  The sun not only evaporates the moisture from the earth but from our bodies as well.   Due to Grishma Ritu, the accumulated fat in the body melts away.

Dosha Involvement in summer
Kapha ( fat and water) decreases day by day and vata (air element) increases consequently thereby causing dryness in the body. 

Dietary Advice for Summer:
·     Consume sweet, cold, liquid, and unctuous diet and drinks
·     Drink plenty of water
·     Milk, buttermilk, fresh juices, Tender coconut water
·    Watermelon, apple, orange, mosambi, berries, pomegranate, gooseberry are fruits that are advised
·     Vegetables (carrot, green bean, cauliflower, tapioca, cilantro leaves, fresh ginger, coconut, mint leaves, onion, cucumber, okra, lemon) should be consumed during summer.
·     Grains  (oatmeal, rice, wheat, moong dal, green moong, navara rice, basmati rice) are to be consumed by the body for nourishment and hydration.
·     Meats of Animals and birds of aired climates

·      Sour, salty and spicy, deep fried, heavy food

Life style to be followed:
·      Physical exercise should be given up during this season.
·      Daytime naps are appropriate in a cooled environment.
·      In nighttime you can smear your body with paste made of sandalwood and sleeps on airy rooftop and be cooled by the rays of the moon.
·      Sexual intercourse is prohibited although some can enjoy gardens, cold water and flowers.
·      In the summer, alcohol is prohibited as it is heating and drying to the body.
·      Avoid exposure to sunlight
·      Yoga practice in early Summer:
 cooling asanas such as Bhujangasana, shalabhasana, sarpasana, shavasana and forward bend are recommneded. Breathing execrise such as pranayama- sheetali are cooling for the entire body.
·      Mudra: Maha Mudra, anjali mudra, viparita karani mudra, hridaya mudra, Yoni mudra
·      Meditation: Yoga nidra

Friday, 21 April 2017

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Swarna Bindu Parashana- Ayurvedic immunization

Ayurvedic Solution for repeated cold and cough!!

Swarna Bindu Parashana (Ayurvedic immunization)

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Beat the heat with Ayurveda!!

  • Consume plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Go slow on fried and spicy food, since your digestion becomes slow in summer
  • Consume plenty of fresh butter milk at lunchtime.
  • Enjoy cooling showers
  • Use Aloe Vera on skin for cooling
  • Consume Watery fruits....Go Water melon and Grapes!!
  • Ayurvedic Treatments like Tarka Dhara (Constantly pouring of herbal medicated solution on your forehead) cools your body.
Tips on cooling herbs:
  • 'Saraiva' is a a great cooling herb (should be prescribed by doctor)

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Where do toxins in our body come from???

Where do  toxins in our body come from???

  • ·      The air we breath in..
  • ·      The water we drink..
  • ·      The food we eat..
  • ·      Toxins  from within..

Our body is amazing, we overload our body with toxins form outside and within.  The body is constantly trying to cleanse our system.  But when toxins accumulate, chronic conditions can develop.  Therefore making it essential for us to detoxify regularly.

Detoxification program should be done under a supervision of a doctor.  Holistic  and internal detoxification is effective and gives amazing results.